12 December 2010

I'm getting DiddlySquat for New Years.

I've been considering for a long time doing the 200 Squat Challenge. I see that The Merry over at Sheesh just finished the challenge. I'm considering starting it tomorrow. You begin slowly and work your way up to doing 200 squats at a time, over about 6 weeks.

Details and instructions are here.

Join me in strengthening our legs. I want to get rid of this knee pain and also complete a Spinning class without embarassing myself. Who's with me?

And if you need the perfect squat music to work out with, here it is!


  1. Good luck! I hope your knees behave like mine and get with the program. I still can't bend my knees lower than the squat position, but that's still better than I was doing six weeks ago.

  2. You should allow right clicking in your blog. :) A lot of us are tab browsers and like to open links in a new tab. Or, you could set it to open in a new window rather than overtaking your link. I'll keep reading though even if you don't remove the right click popup :)

  3. Hi Lola :)
    I really do appreciate your input. I'm a righ-clicker-open-in-a-new-windower myself. The reason I disabled right clicking here, though, was to make plaigarism more difficult. I've had a problem where somebody was copying and pasting my posts into their own and I wanted to make it less easy for him to do that.


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