12 December 2010

It worked!

Thanks a bunch for sending the "Kindle" message telepathically to Sweetie. Course, it didn't get to him in time to actually PURCHASE one in time, but he gave me the go-ahead to shop for one. Plus some cash to play with. Yay!

The snow just keeps coming down here. Level 1 Snow Emergency. If it gets to level 3 I'll be sorry I didn't get out and go to church today. I have no idea how we'll get our driveway cleared. I should plan ahead for these things huh?  That would be very much unlike me

I'm down again within a half pound of my all-time low. Shovelling snow will probably burn a lot of calories. PLUS I bet I won't feel like I'm having a heart attack after 5 minutes of it  like last time. We could have up to 7 inches of snow by the time this is done tomorrow at 1 pm. Thank God for bodysculpt class for prepping my arms!

So do you all read the dude who gained 19 lbs this week? What do you say to a guy  like that? I should probably just stop reading him. Always a "reason".  I want so much for him to succeed. I want so much for Jillian Michaels to yell at him. I want so much to not see his obituary. :(


  1. Snow here too but not too bad yet. Of course, we never have a lot of snow and when we get even a little everyone panics. They don't remember the old days when we used to get FEET of snow.

  2. Yay for the Kindle! It is totally worth it.

    I missed the 19 pounds in one week guy. Wow.


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