11 December 2010

A look back at being 40

It really wasn't so bad. I have made great strides towards health, met new friends, learned a lot, and gotten a little more control over my anxiety. Today is my last day as a 40 year old and I'm ending it 50+ lbs lighter than it started, I have more stamina, strength of body, and peace of mind.

I have a slight caffiene hangover which will be quenched by Tylenol in no time.

Anxiety's getting me because Sweetie and Kiddo went to the mall and haven't returned yet. We are to leave here in 20 minutes and apparently he can't hear his cell phone in the crowded mall. Kiddo has never seen the chaos that is a pre-Christmas shopping mall on the weekend. Yes, I took my meds last night. I hope they will call or show up at home soon. It's really no big deal if we are late. I already texted sister to let her know. Anxiety sucks. Must reach for that peace of mind I was blabbering about a moment ago.


  1. Today is my last day as a 40 year old and I'm ending it 50+ lbs lighter than it started

    That is an awesome statement to be able to make!

  2. Lanie is having a Birthday! Enjoy your last day of forty. Forty-one isn't so bad. Take it from someone who has been there. :D

    I hope that your hubbie and kiddo show up, soon. Take a deep breath. It is okay. *hug*

  3. Anxiety does suck and one of my pet peeves is showing up late for ANYTHING. We only have one car (Dail and I) and he needs it for work so I always have to depend on others to get me places. It is so frustrating that no one else seems to esteem being on time for appointments etc. I guess that is pretty anal of me but I really do not like to keep people waiting.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Hope they get home soon!
    Have a great weekend

  5. A very Happy Birthday to you!! I will be right where you are come February. I'm actually looking forward to letting go of 40....it's been too rough of a year. Hope you're able to do something extra fun!

  6. Hope all your birthday wishes come true. Happy, healthy!!!

  7. Lanie,
    I forgot to add some Birthday Wishes. Have a lovely and wonderful day. I hope you do something very special for yourself. Hugs.


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