10 December 2010

I'm so random

I did 30 minutes on the eliptical today. My knees are complaining about it loudly now, but it felt very satisfying to accomplish that.

It looks like a lot of snow coming our way for Sunday which is my actual birthday. I'm looking forward to a day of hanging out by the fireplace.

My schedule was all wonky today and I ate pretty randomly  too. Went out to breakfast with a friend and didn't bring my morning meds along. About 2 pm I felt the energy seep out of me and into the floor - caffeine withdrawal, so I had a diet Dr. Pepper which actually helped. A lot of times I will have a headache from artificial sweeteners, but not so much today. 

Tomorrow we travel and hour to see some family and get ssome loot. More restaurant food and sitting in the car for a long while. 

Saw a demo of he Vectron Wave toy today on the Ellen show and it is now my own most wanted toy, aside from the mega set of Magformers. Unfortunately, kiddo doesn't appear to be shopping at the toy store for my gift this year. Pffft..  i love toys (no, RNTG, not THOSE kinds of toys)


  1. Happy early B-day!

    And, um, how can you not love 'those' kind of toys???

    Polar's Mom

  2. A happy bday by the fireplace!
    And good on the work-out!

  3. Toys of all TYPES can be very amusing. :)


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