13 December 2010

Monday thief!

Mother nature did not cooperate and dumped a few inches of snow on our little burg overnight. Apparently it was more than the plows could handle and school was therefore cancelled. Bah humbug!

It was probably a good thing, though, to find out that Kiddo's snow boots will never again fit over her ginormous kid feet. Also either the cardinals & chickadees or my not-so-subtle husband left a little hint for me this morning - an empty birdfeeder at my spot on the breakfast table. So after boiling and bleaching the hell out of my table, Kiddo and I set out on our winter wonderland adventure. Reminder to self: clear room in the garage for the car before the next big snowfall. It took about an hour to get the car cleared enough to drive. Then ventured to the feed store and got in-shell peanuts, a squirrel block, and some bird food. I was tempted to get a deer block as well, but I'd have to trudge out to the side yard and open the gate to let them in the back yard where we feed them and I haven't seen any evidence of deer around yet this fall. I definitely don't want to tempt them to cross I-75 to get a little nibble.

Then we went shoe shopping for kiddo, stopped at KFC - I know, not healthy (the grilled stuff is horrid) and met Sweetie for lunch. Continued on to the other shoe store where we finally found some suitable snowkickers and then the dollar store and back home. Filled the feeders, got out some more xmas deco, and sat down.

Oh yeah, sitting down reminded me. I started my squats this morning. I did about 38 and unlike SOME wimps, I'm only slightly sore. Maybe I shoulda pushed myself a little harder.


  1. The joys of living in Illinois. It. Could be a foot of snow...those schools are open. These kids and teachers want to be finished with school by June 9th to enjoy what short summer we have.

    Speaking of square ;-). I play this fun game with Georgie, my 9 year old. We take a ball and play under-handed catch. But every time one of you catches it, you have to do a squat before throwing the ball back.

  2. We have snow too and school was out but it didn't matter around here because the kids are too old for school and the grandkids are too young. However, they are ALL here at the moment and the noise level is getting me in a really FRAZZLED state. I may have to go on a tirade myself just to get some peace. Isn't that ironic? :)

  3. Sounds like you had a very productive snow day! Wish it snowed here somethings...

  4. pushing yourself is good, I had to add in a few more sets of crunches and leg presses this week to get my burn on, boy i could feel it the next day though. Doing good Lainie!

  5. Have I ever mentioned that I was ordered by my doc to NOT do squats! And you only did five more than I did! And I had already walked 4.2 miles on WIO!

  6. What is this "snow" you mention? :-)
    Actually, it sounds like you had a great snow day. I do remember shoveling snow (and ice) and how many calories it burns.


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