20 October 2010

So far today

So far today I have already had my usual 300 calorie breakfast, weighed in on the Wii Fit which continues it's downward trend on the weight chart, and jogged the "lap" trail on Basic Run.

FLYlady is not a high priority this week. I've been reading the emails but after being sick last week, I really want to work on exercise and regaining the stamina that I lost there. In the meantime, I'm picking up and trying to make the house a LITTLE nicer every day, but I'm not going full throttle. The kitchen shows already. Still, I gotta keep my health as my #1 priority. I'm closing in on hubby's weight now and he's talked a little about going to a weight loss clinic, but I'm not sure yet how serious he is.

One of my friends who helped motivate me to start on this healthy living lifestyle has recently considered getting a lapband. She went to the introductory meeting last week. She is a cancer survivor and is shying away from any additional surgery, though. She has so much going on in her life with a new job, new marriage, blended family, too-small house, and new state of residence. I'm really missing her and the kids. I wonder what they will end up doing. I worry.

And so I'm rambling. . . .Time to call BFF and then off to the shower. I have lots of errands that need to be done, including purchasing packing tape and mailing some things. Will I get them accomplished today? Let's not count on it. No promises.


  1. Lanie, glad you are feeling better. You inspire me more than you know. And! After reading your posts about Flylady, I did go and purchase another copy. Looks like it has been updated a bit since I bought mine 10 or so years ago. I left the book at home while on vacation, after hinting to my daughter to take a look at it. A new FLYBABY has been born!!! I am so proud of her, and how well she has done. Total turnaround on the housekeeping stuff. So, thanks for the reminder about FL. I'm going to go to the website and register. Sometime.

    Regarding your friend considering lapband surgery... you may remember I went through that earlier this year. It is a wonderful tool that works well for many people, but I hope she will research the negative aspects of the surgery as well as read experiences of other patients. i'm not sure i would have heeded the warnings if i had read about problems like mine... i probably would have said "never happen to me" and done it anyway. i don't REGRET it, because it was a 50-lb jump start for me. It just sounds like she is already overwhelmed with everyday things, and lapband surgery, successful or not, requires lots of planning and dedication. i wish her good luck, whatever she decides!!!

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better! :)

    And I think it's sweet that you're worrying about your friend. I'll hold a good thought for her!


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