19 October 2010

Shopping & stuff

Well, it's gettin kinda chilly in NW Ohio these days and last year's coat is way too bulky on me now. I also noticed that bras are definitely in order, and some hoodies or cardigans would be good. I'm looking for inexpensive stuff to get me through this size and or maybe the next one down. I don't even care if they're a little snug at first - I know it won't last long.

I'm thinking "just my size" website. Any other suggestions? Anybody know any good coat sales?  Maybe I'll just do overstock.com again.

trying to shop online while I'm watching Biggest Loser. the strategies mess it up for me. That and the same scenes playing before and after the commercials. bah. These people better help me get inspired.


  1. www.womanwithin.com
    Has been my go to site. They have some great trendy stuff and it comes in all sizes. I have Biggest Loser on the DVR and can't wait to watch later tonight. I love watching the work outs and picking up the trainer tips.

  2. Thanks RAchel! I love that site, too. Thanks for reminding me. I found a great deal on a nice long Berber coat there. Now I'm ready to give up my old one. Well, after Mr. UPS brings it, that is. I controlled myself and purchased only that and I'm glad because I got free shipping email on the Just My Size website so I can get some long sleeve T's and sweats and maybe even a bra or 2!

  3. I tend to shop at Walmart. Or the thrift store. I have always hated shopping for clothes, and even now, in the middle of my journey, I still hate it.

    Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  4. I do get some things at WalMart, Vee. That's where I originally discovered the JMS brand and have been loving it. I've decided to go simple and order long sleeve tshirts and plain sweats. They are less than $7 each, nothing fancy. They are comfortable, though and fit great. Our Wally doesn't have a great variety so I've been existing on 3 shirts & 2 pants in this size. The JustMySize website had more of a variety, plus free shipping. Great timing, eh?


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