20 October 2010

What the hell is wrong with me?

Does anybody else have this strange aversion to going to the post office?

I almost danced a jig when I realized I could order flat-rate boxes to be delivered to my home - for FREE - and then print out my own postage.   Ok, ok . . . .I know that's been an option for a long time but I never really thought about how that applied to ME! I never ever have to go to the post office again! Or at least not inside of it.  I cannot explain why, but I just ehat that place!


  1. I hate the post office too. But I can't have the flat-rate boxes delivered to my door. Or anything else. Out here in the country, the mail isn't delivered door to door. It would take the "mailman" a whole day to deliver what now takes her just a couple of hours. We have a central mail-house where we go to pick up our mail. And the flat-rate boxes are too big to fit into our box, or the parcel box, so we have to drive into town (35+ minutes) to the post office.

    Hate hate hate hate hate it! Or, as you typed, ehat it! Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  2. I also hate the post office, but I can get flat rate boxes at home so I love them. They are great with the holidays coming up. Have a great day..

  3. I just hate getting out of my car. Especially if I get go get lunch - why can't subway have a drive thru?!?!

    the post office - you have no idea how long you will have to stand in line, that's the problem. Just like the DMV...

  4. We've done that. I also do my postal stuff at my grocery store.

  5. YES!!! I hate the post office. I will procrastinate anything to do with mail like nobody's business!!! I dunno why, either. Thank god for bill pay and other such conveniences, otherwise I'd have the worst credit history known to mankind.


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