24 August 2010

A little fun

Since Allan brought some traffic my way this morning, I will share some with him.  I feel almost famous today! Please check out his latest blog post here.

Here was my response to him which will probably be posted momentarily if he approves . . .

I knew you couldn't follow directions. You totally skipped the "not me" part. lol I totally expected that!

I criticized you on your own blog, actually, but you chose not to publish those posts. Just as you are likely not to post this or any other posts supporting me. I have a general policy not to say things behind people's backs that I wouldn't tell them to their face. Any criticism I have made of you wasn't about your diet but about the way you sometimes present yourself - or presented before the new nicer Al came along.

I'm human. I have good days and bad. I share them. I have been tempted not to post my setbacks mainly because I know you love to point out such things and twist it into somebody being a hypocrite because they're struggling.

As far as following diet "quacks", I read read read whatever I can get my hands on and analyze to determine what I can learn from the material. Richard Simmons, Geneen Roth, Thich Nhat Hanh, and others I read do not profess to be medical experts. They simply share what works for them in hopes that it will help others. The only difference between them and you is that they get paid for it. That doesn't make them quacks. A quack is somebody that professes to have medical knowledge when they don't.

Of COURSE you love me. I am quite lovable and capable and, as you will see, I am going to be healthier than ever. Maybe not as quickly as you are, but in my own way I will succeed.
Oh yeah, then I went back to post again that I have been born and raised in the USA. I have never even been to Canada even though it's less than 2 hours from me. I'm not sure how Allan figured I'm from Oz since I'm always saying that my life dream is to go there.  Ah well, he is obviously still getting to know me.


  1. And loving every flip flopping, can't make up your mind minute of it.. I am inspired though, so hold on, there is someone else that needs a spanking.. Soon...

  2. Please not me! I can't take it, really! Be kind to everyone!

  3. You guys make me laugh & make me want to try harder. Props for putting yourself out there, recognizing your weaknesses & not giving up. It's all about sustainable change. Props to Allan for living life with under 1000 calories a day and even bigger props if he can sustain that lifestyle for the rest of his life but that just isn't a reality most people (overweight or not) are able to live with. Keep pluggin' along!

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  4. What's wrong with Canada (besides the obvious - lol). I love ya, Lanie.

  5. Oh, my mind is made up Allan. Never changed my mind about living a healthier lifestyle. There's a big difference between eating a cheeseburger or a coupla slices of pizza and eating an entire bag of Reese's miniatures every night. Trust me. One restaurant cheeseburger in 3 months is a way healthier lifestyle than me!

    You can't hold everybody up to the standards to which you hold yourself. If you do that, you'll be disappointed time and time again.

  6. Oh Lanie! You are one tough cookie! I would have been curled up in a fetal position after reading that post! LOL!

    But he does tell it how he sees it, how he feels and you got to love his honesty.

  7. Thanks Aliana. If half of it were true, my feelings might've been hurt. It doesn't make me sad, just frustrated.


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