25 August 2010


But not in calories, just in pages!

First day of school and I was able to hang out with two of my besties today with no kids to distract us from being our goofy selves. We had so much fun! We started out at the best used bookstore in the metro area (Encore on Heatherdowns for you locals) and then to Sebastiano's for lunch. I got several books at Encore, but none food-related. One was my own copy of Wicked since I had borrowed it from the library but now that I've seen the musical I really wanted to re-read it. Two books for my daughter, one book loaned from my BFF, and

After we girls went our separate ways, I went to Meijer to pick up MockingJay which I had been impatiently waiting to read. It came out yesterday. I also picked up a book for a friend's daughter whose birthday is coming up soon, having not found it at the used store.

So I come home and guess what is on my doorstep? A big ol' box from AMAZON.COM! HOORAY!

One of these Amazon books will be autographed for a bloggy give-a-way I'm planning. Once I have signed copy back in my hands, I will tell you more about the book and the give-away!

Somewhere in there, I also got a coupla books about living with Asperger's as an adult and some of the Warriors (kitties!) series that my daughter is reading.

Now my bookshelves are bulging and an bloated from being overfed, I am happy and calm from being with my girlfriends and having grown-up giggles. I've gotta get moving on reading some of these pages!

Hub and kid having pizza tonight and I am having colorful vegetables without the crust and cheese. Everyone should be happy and my binge is guilt-free.  May try swimming tonight if the weather cooperates. Last night it was COLD in that pond!


  1. I love reading!!!! I just ordered a new book and have to finish the one I started first before I can read it. So happy!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun:) I love to read but honestly just don't do it as much now that I realize it was a big trigger for me to mindlessly snack.

  3. OooooooooOOOO! I went and bought Mockingjay yesterday. LOVE THOSE BOOKS!

  4. Books always make my day better ;)

  5. I so love books too. I'm surrounded and it makes me happy! Non-calorie fun.

  6. Now, that's my kind of binge. :D I love buying books.

    I hope that the pond wasn't too cold.

  7. So, many books to read, so little time!! What a great and new way to define binging. I might steal your book give away idea.

  8. Read On, but don't read & swim at the same time.

  9. Bingeing on books is totally a guilty pleasure of mine. Other than food, it's one of the few things that I ever get THAT excited about...you know, when I can think of hardly anything else.

    It's heaven, isn't it??


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