22 August 2010

It's not a setback, it's a learning experience.

And what I've learned this week is that letting down my guard even a little, will gain me nothing except pounds. 5 of them to be exact, but that was before I stayed up late and exercised last night. So, I'm back to being diligent about food and exercise.

Thanks everyone for your support over these few days. It really struck me when I went back up over that "morbidly obese" BMI yesterday. That was really discouraging! But, I took all your advice, meditated, got some good positive self-talk going, ignored the negative voices telling me that I was a complete fraud and had no business blogging and encouraging others when I couldn't even get my own act together and keep it together.

And then I realized - why should I hold myself to higher standards than I hold others? What would I tell somebody else if it were them experiencing a setback? I would tell them - learn from this experience, to consider it simply a speed bump in the journey, drink water, exercise, breathe . . . even when you find yourself losing a battle, know that you will win the war.


  1. Yes, when I gain it makes me work that much harded even though it discourages me!

  2. YES.
    so true for me in all areas/facets of my life as well.


  3. I was feeling really sorry for myself but then saw your post. Don't worry, we can do this!

  4. Get back in that saddle, ride on!

  5. You are wise woman. It's all about the learning experience -- called, life, I think. Good for you.

  6. We are our own worst enemies. That negative self talk needs to be silenced by many of us. Keep your chin up. You have come a very, very long way. ANd it is a journey!


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