16 January 2011


The sun is shining brightly this morning

I got up and made healthy breakfast for everybody

I'm in charge of RE (religious ed) for the K - 6th grade today - we're making Valentines.

Did you see Darla's give away?  I hope not, because if you go and enter it, then it's less likely that I'll win.  I like winning and it's been a while since I've entered anything. So, it's my turn. I'm pretty much a winner. Gimme gimme!

We're supposed to be going to a benefit dinner today for a classmate who has the same type of cancer hubby had. We don't really know her but we want to be supportive and we may see some other highschool friends there. A bit outside my comfort zone, but we'll go and probably have a really nice time.

If all goes well, we'll visit the Kitty Rescue Center afterwards which will make Kiddo happy.


  1. Since you are going to Kitty Rescue, are you rescuing???

    Polar's Mom

  2. You just might win, Lanie. Sounds like you have a lot of feel good activities on your plate today. Enjoy - and it's sunny here today too! Love it.

  3. It was a long day, for sure! I'm about ready for bed now already!

    No P's Mom - no rescuing today. Just visiting and playing with the kitties. Sometimes we through some money their way while there - today we were tapped out between church and the benefit dinner.

  4. Get ready Pauline, it's less than a month away!

  5. Hey have you seen my giveaway?
    : )

    love and light

    ps going over to Darla's right now!

  6. Sounds like a good day!

    That's so fun that you and play with the kitties. I bet the kitties and the kids enjoy that.


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