29 January 2011


So. My head is still not where it needs to be.

I'm feeling a lot of stress.

I'm not eating well.

I finally made myself do at least a little exercise - ended up 8/10 of a mile on Walk It Out. Not very challenging but I feel a bit less like killing someone at the moment.

Aspie index is high these days and it wears on me. It's not easy. Really not easy at all.

Life goes on. I exercised a little bit today. I'm on my own for dinner - broccoli anyone?

Book swap tomorrow after church. Kid and Sweetie are sledding now. I hope they are safe and having fun. I am doing my best not to be a low-flying helicopter parent . . . I'll hover a little higher.  Now off to get my shower at almost 6 pm. Thank goodness for a moment alone. I definitely have needed it after attending to everyone else's problems and feelings this week(s) and then being reminded that other people's problems are worse and that those people actually have family support networks to pitch in. Whatever. Everyone has their own pain. One person's pain doesn't outpain another. We all need support from time to time. Only some of us just do without.


  1. Stress is a major pain. Yes, other people's problems always seem exagerated, but don't discount what you're going through. I little downtime alone, a short walk - do that things that bring yourself a little peace. Cheers, Rick

  2. Lanie did you know that a cup of steamed broccoli a day brings up your libido???
    just thought that might be an interesting tidbit for ya!
    take care of you

    love and light

  3. Sucks that you're feeling so yucky (for lack of a better word). Exercise does help, doesn't it? But getting to that point can be difficult. Enjoy your time alone. I love just sitting in silence sometimes.

    I had to laugh at the helicopter parent comment. I've heard it before and I see it a lot. Hovering higher is definitely a good idea.

    I was once talking to a Doctor about inner turmoil and pain and I was bemoaning the fact that I was being such a baby and that other people had it a lot worse and he said to me, "If you twist your ankle and the next person breaks his leg it doesn't mean that your pain is any less than his or less worthy of treatment." That has stuck with me for years.

  4. I know how hard it is to take care of yourself when everyone is depending on YOU to take care of them and their needs. I finally just had to say enough! I made work borders, family borders, and friend in need borders...if you don't look out for you - only you suffer. Don't forget Lanie - YOU are worth it!

  5. You're so right--everyone's pain is real to them. It's demeaning to tell them it isn't. Everyone has struggles of some sort. Hope yours lighten up soon! Where's that darn magic wand? I'd wave it your way!

  6. Oh, Dear!
    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time.
    Sending you good thoughts!
    How was the broccoli?
    Good for ya, I hope!

  7. I must be blind! I really want to read your blog, but I can only really see the 'bolded' stuff. :(

    I love the background, but it makes your skinny not bold words hard to see.

    Oh wait, I highlighted it, derp. ha. I like this:

    >>>One person's pain doesn't outpain another. We all need support from time to time. Only some of us just do without.<<<

    That is very true!

  8. "hugs" Indeed we do all need support now and then! Take care of yourself!

  9. Sounds like you need some stress busting. Sometimes stress hovers and gets comfortable. Never a big fan around to blow it away when you need one. But, it is out there to be had; sometimes we have to look for it in usuaual places. Where haven't you looked lately?

    Have a Great week!

  10. Patrick, why do you always have to be right? I'm planning on looking for it tomorrow morning at the gym and tonight in my new cookbook.

    Keep the blizzard over your way will ya? I can't take a week inside with a bored kid!

  11. Keep your head up, chickie...I'm sending good vibes your way!

    Polar's Mom

  12. This sounds like a case of the blahs. My favorite remedy? Swimming (well, floating and splashing anyway) and then a massage. Or kickboxing I've heard is good for stress relief. Hope your blahs fade quickly!


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