30 January 2011

Sunday Funday

ok, that was sarcasm.

Looks like a big snowstorm heading our way. Most everyone's way really. Maybe not Sue who is winding down summer in Oz, but everyone else.

I picked up Cook This, Not That over the weekend. I'm excited about some of the breakfast recipes. I have to make a shopping list and hope we're not snowed in before I get to the store.

We have this super cool place called The 577 Foundation in our little burb. Among many other very cool things you can recycle books there and get new ones. I hit them up for a coupla cookbooks Friday while my daughter was in a class. Then that night we were invited to a "book swap". Why have I never ever thought of these before?  All the kids and parents who wanted to participate brought books to give away and got to take some as well. I am a self-confessed book whore. And if I can get one free. All the better. Mandy will be shocked - I gave up my Jodi Picoult collection (ok most of it) today for the cause. Oh yeah - and the books that aren't picked up, the hostess dontates to the 577 Foundation so it's all good. If I want them back I know where to find them.

Oh my gosh, facebook is FUNNY tonight. Hard to stay in a bad mood with friends who are as freaky weird crazy creative as mine. I look forward to waking up to more craziness like that in the morning  before I hit the gym, then do my wed volunteering early because of the storm, then shop all before kiddo gets off the bus. Big day!


  1. you sounds so light tonight Lanie!
    love "hearing" your joy

    love and light

  2. Oh no, another storm. We had a sunny day here today but it was cold. Brrrr. I have that book too, Lanie, Cook this, not that. Great book. I think that's a great idea for the book swap. That's why I bought a Kindle because I'm a major book addict myself and I don't have any more room for books in my house. Ohhhh, I heard, "the gym" Go Lanie.


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