11 January 2011

possibly my last day waking up with a headache

Working out at the gym first thing this morning.

Then off to a little workshop on using machines to breathe while I sleep

Then off to Meijer

Hopefully home by noon for lunch with Sweetie. He'll want to check out the new machine, I'm sure

Laundry all afternoon

Pick up "Market Day" after school

Upper back is sore from yesterday's weights.

Looking forward to waking up perky tomorrow

The "X" key has fallen off of my laptop. I have an ex-X key.


  1. It's about time you get that machine!

  2. Hope the machine works for you. I need to be more compliant with mine. sigh..

    It's not an overnight fix..it takes some time, like most things..so give it time :)

    I hate it when the keys fall off!!! errrrr

  3. I know it will work. It may take a week or so, but it is so worth it. Hope all goes well.


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