12 January 2011

First Night with CPAP

Again with the rude noises. It doesn't even say "excuse me" when it toots. At least they don't smell (just like my real ones!)

After four and a half hours, I had a stomach full of air. Turned off the machine, sat up and burped about 7 times and immediately got the hiccups.  Downstairs for a spoonful of peanut butter - works every time.
Apparently, it's not that unusual.

Who has an annoying song in their head now? Go Carleton, go!

I think I'm giving up for tonight. Maybe will call the equipment provider tomorrow or try one more night before I call them. Maybe the pressure is too high?


  1. It's possible that the pressure is too high, but more likely that your mouth opens during the night. The combination between the CPAP and the mouth breathing causes many people to swallow air. I've had the same problem. One remedy is to get an elastic chinstrap that you put on before your mask. It will keep your mouth closed. Your respiratory therapist at your home medical equipment company should know what I mean. Yeah, it does mean one more thing on your head while you sleep, but it does help.

  2. Lanie.. it took me about 3 weeks to get used to the machine. I only did a couple hours a night, honestly, to start out. I would get frustrated and pull the thing off. I say give it time... just allow yourself to get used to it. Now, I can easily go a full 8 hours with it (though I do still sometimes get frustrated in the middle of the night and pull it off... but rarely).

  3. So sorry you're having a rough spot with this, Lanie. The only person I know who uses this had the same issue at first. Very temperamental until you tweak it just right. Good luck and take good care of yourself while you're lacking sleep so you don't get your resistance down (boy, did I just sound like your mother or what?)

  4. Did you fall asleep and last with it for over 4 hours, asleep?? If you did, I'd say that was a HUGE success for the first night, despite the other annoyances. I can't even fall asleep with the thing on. I swear it's the pressure and am going to talk to the neurologist on Monday about another sleep study.

  5. When I first started using the CPAP it took me a few MONTHS to get used to it. I would go about 4 hours and then have to take it off. Eventually I got used to it and had no problems with it. On my unit there is a button to push that adjusts the airflow so you can get to sleep before it starts blowing full blast.

    Good luck and HANG IN THERE!

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  7. That has never happened to me but when I read C. Jogger's reply I thought, hmmm, maybe. I don't have to wear a chin strap, but my hubby does and he even tapes his mouth shut 'cuz for some reason he can't keep his mouth shut - lol.

  8. My best friend and her hubby have both used the CPAP. My friend used it before her bypass surgery, and now no longer needs it. Her hubby uses one now. Both have had great success with them, but say it takes a little getting used to. Hang in there!!

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  9. I don't know anything about the machines, but I do hope you get it figured out and get some nice sleep soon!

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  12. BiPap.

    CPAP, as you probably already know, is continuous positive air pressure. BiPap will blow at full pressure when you breath IN, then let up some and blow lighter as you breath OUT. Kind of breathing with you... much easier to get used to, not as much air swallowed, less pressure to blow mouth open. But... yes, it does cost more. :-(

    Hope you found an answer by now, and are sleeping well.

  13. cute kitty Loretta. I appreciate the info about the BiPap and will look into it if I can't get any satisfaction with this soon.

    Thanks Kelly, Reject & FAB for the awards. I'm on my way to check 'em out!

  14. and How i'm losing it also. wow. these awards are humbling!


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