14 January 2011

Blog awards, etc

I've been crazy busy with the new suburban 30 ft sledding hill and basically stuffing my face the last few days. I'm totally outta control here. I'm frustrated by the CPAP but tweaking things and hoping eventually it will work for me. The BiPap sounds like a good possibility, although I'm not sure insurance would cover it - though they cover the CPAP at 100% so maybe! Besides, hubby would spring for it if he thought it would give me energy enough to keep the house clean and orderly. Well, ya know . . .. it's much funner to go sledding.

So FOUR friends have nominated me for blog awards in the last coupla a days. I'll get to it, really I will. Probably not today as it's practically bedtime already. But I'll at least LOOK at them and start thinking about it. Gosh, I'm lazy lazy lazy. Wow. a lazy fat person. What are the odds of that?

Thanks for those awards and also to the people who emailed wondering if I"m okay. I am. Pretty much. Tired, but okay. I love playing in the snow. Too bad I totally busted kiddo's old sled and the new one I bought her won't fit my obese buttocks. So, any suggestions for sleds? I think the foam ones look fast . .. or maybe a nice sturdy saucer.

Whew. I'm tired.

I love snow. Have I mentioned that?


  1. In-Laws got a really cool one that is flexible plastic/canvas that is super fast and hasn't broken yet! It's saucer style. The foam ones that they have have gotten cut up where the hay that might stick up have scratched it, or when the kids sled on the gravel drive.

  2. I won't let you talk about one of my favourite people on the Blogger like that, but I feel your pain. Back at it, Lanie. You can do it. Oh, by the way, I have a Bi-Pap machine. I just say C-Pap so as to not confuse people.


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