10 January 2011


I will never realize my goal of Richard Simmons crying with me. I've ruined it. And certainly he won't have to cut a wall outta my house to remove me while he cries with me.

Damn, and Shrinking Jeans wants me to plan my whole life for the new project. I'm not good at plans, and now even the Richard Simmons thing isn't going to happen for me. Dammit.

Well, at least Richard will be a guest on Ellen tomorrow.


  1. While I never wanted Richard to cry for/with me, I sure thought it would be fun to be in his show's audience way back when. He's a hoot and he's so empathetic.

    But man, I wish he would ditch those 70's style shorts. Hate those. eek....

    I'm glad he can't cry with you anymore. It's much nicer to just...HAVE A DANCE PARTY!!!

  2. CRAP!
    I wanted to see you getting cut out of your house with Richard Simones crying with you!!!

    actually come to think of it
    I like the shrinking jeans idea much much better!!!
    loven' the laugh

    love and light

  3. yayayayayay for the lack of his tears! being cut out of a wall is not my ideal day. but im so happy for your jean shrinking! and I LOVE ELLEN!! and your blog so thanks for sharing :)

  4. This is a good thing, right? I mean, boo to know Richard Simmons, but yay to no getting cut out of the house! Shudder..my worst nightmare is that there's a fire in my house and the firefighters can't get me out without a special lift or something.

  5. At least we have our imaginations... surely you can imagine him crying with you. Or better yet, hire a look a like to do it. You CAN realize your dreams woman! Think outside the box (then get in and take a nap!)


  6. I'm GLAD it's ruined- you're doing it on your own without Richard and his unusually short shorts!

    I agree with Princess.. eek!


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