09 January 2011

Not very inspirational today

  • My leg pain is finally gone, but I've had a headache for the last coupla days.
  • Back to the gym tomorrow, restarting the situp challenge and back to the squats
  • Meatless Monday returns as I cook garlic pasta for lunch and Mandy's kale & rice for dinner
  • I'm really sick of trying to read "A Course in Weightloss" and I think I'm gonna chuck it.
  • Lots of after school activities this week.
  • Long weekend  - no school Friday or next Monday
  • Office politics in the church getting to me and must be confronted straight on
  • Got to see BFF today and had a good lunch at Tropical Smoothie with her and other friends


  1. Yeah, lunch rocked. I haven't eaten anything except for green beans since then! I haven't been hungry at all either!

  2. Really? Office politics even in the church?

  3. I have a hard time chucking a book that I'm not enjoying, and I probably should do so more often. Good for you for recognizing you needed to! :)

  4. Yeah, Darla, it's pretty depressing actually.

    Jess - there are so many GOOD books I want to read. The only bad part is that I can't even recover any of the expense for the book since it's on Kindle. Usually I'd take it to the used book store for credit or pass it on to somebody else.

  5. Chuck the book!
    Good plan.
    And now back to our regularly scheduled programs....

  6. Chuck the book, but not your own story. Squat your way through the day and a new book is a trip to the bookshelf away.


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