08 January 2011

Snowy Saturday

Smart me took my Paxil as soon as I got to the sleep clinic last night. And I'm glad I did because I really needed it.  Some things were a lot better than the first time, but some were a lot worse.

The tech that helped me did everything herself which was nice, because I really could barely tolerate 2 people touching me at the same time last time. Especially in a tiny little cold room with fans blowing on me from every direction. That's just the wire hookup though. After that, the worst part the first time, was the smell of glue.

The really bad part was that after the hookup, I had a really sick stomach. I was in the bathroom probably 3 times within an hour. I thought I might vomit, but I didn't. I'll spare you the details, because they are quite gross. So, anyway, dinner hadn't agreed with me but after an hour I was ok to lay down and get all my wires hooked into the monitors.

At first I had no complaints about the mask - which fit over nose and mouth, or the level of air pressure. The difficulty came when I would fall asleep and the position of my head would change. Then the mask would move and lose suction making huge wet farting sounds on my face. So not pleasant, oh yeah, and it was pressing down to hard on the bridge of my giant crooked nose (thanks IRL sister). We tried this for about 2 hours before they finally made some readjusments and let me sleep on my side at midnight. After that, I didn't wake up until my usual time, 5:45.  I do notice a bit of difference in my alertness now. But, I could still nap. Good idea, actually.

From here, the doctor looks at the study and writes a prescription for me to get my own machine. Then I will get lessons on how to take care of it and bring it home to be my new nightime cuddle buddy. Hobbes will not be pleased, but I hope he'll get used to it. I  need my fluffy bed companion. Which reminds me, Sweetie might be able to tolerate sleeping with me too now. I hate to lose my bed real estate. Hmmm.


  1. The first time I was fitted for that at home, I don't think the resp. therapist was that good. I went back in November to get fitted again, and that guy was great. I just have not been able to get used to sleeping with it. I try. I do, I just can't fall asleep. BUT that's coming from someone who has other sleeping issues too.

    Hope your tummy is feeling better and that you have a good weekend Lanie!

  2. UGH! Did you giggle every time it made the wet farting noise?

  3. Glad you made it through the study... sorry you got sick. :(

    yeah, about the mask falling off at night, that still happens to me sometimes... and I need to make adjustments... but it happens less and less the more I use it. I am a bit of a restless sleeper, so it can be an issue.. but again, it's worth it in the end. :)

  4. Ugh...what a miserable way to spend the night. Hope you have a GREAT nap!

  5. Sounds like a challenging time with the sleep.
    Huge wet farting sounds in the face can't be fun. Hope all gets better here.

    Have a Great weekened!

  6. LOL
    Lanie you crack me up

    love and light

  7. Dang - that test sounds rough!
    Double that on the great nap!

  8. At least it sounds like you got a good sleep from midnight to 5.45, don't know if I could live with that small amount of sleep, let alone what you were putting up with before the sleep test.

  9. Well...you got through it - hooray. It's so much better when you're working with the machine at home. It takes time to get used to it, but every night I put it on faithfully and I wouldn't do that if it wasn't doing something for me. Like eating too many chocolate bars, you know - must have done something for me. Feel free to e-mail me with questions. I'm pratically an expert here with the two of us rocking the masks.

  10. I'm sorry it was so miserable, but it's over with now!! I was thinking of you last night when I couldn't sleep (between your tummy and my snot bubbles, we make a nasty pair, hehe). Hope you get a better night's rest tonight!

  11. Ahh i'm sorry you had to do all those tests! But if it helps you sleep from now on i'm happy for you! hope you have the best night's sleep ever! :)

  12. Glad you came out of it safe and sound. :) Joe has been dealing with that crap (I mean CPAP...sorry) for a few months and he just now found one style that he really likes.

    I hope that you find your lucky mask the first time out of the gates.

  13. my hubby has one of those cpap machine also. he has a mask that fits over his face.


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