05 December 2010

headaches are punishment for low water intake!

I woke up this morning with a headache and the sinuses still ucky.

Yesterday was a fun day, but too busy. Food intake was good, but not purposeful exercise and not enough fruit & water. No wonder I feel like my skull is about to crack open.

Probably skipping church altogether today, though I was really curious to go learn about "the evolution of religion" this morning. If I had somebody to drive me I just might, but getting behind the wheel just isn't sounding appealing right now. Later on I'm taking kiddo to a "gingerbread house" party and planned to stay and help out so . .. I'd better get rid of this headache now!


  1. Sorry to hear your aren't feeling to well and that you might miss church. It's so easy to get off routine when you are busy......hope you feel better!

  2. Low water and lack of sleep. I got a ginormous head ache last night and realized that I had gotten up so early and had only a few short hours of sleep. The hubs literally put me to bed around 9pm last night and I slept until like 8:30 am... and my headache is gone! So just sleep for 12 hours and you should get rid of it too. OR combine the two and sleep on a waterbed! :)


  3. Feel better Lanie! Headaches are awful, hope it goes away faster than a Chinese dinner.

  4. Gingerbread house party?? Sounds like fun :)
    Hope you feel better soon, i also get sinus problems in the winter and they definitely suck!

  5. Seems like everyone is having trouble with sinuses lately. It used to be that as soon as a hard frost hit around here, everyone went back to being normal...not this year. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. Hmmm, that was probably my issue a few days ago when I woke up for the first time in months with a monster headache that didn't go away until after I fell asleep that night. I'd not had my usual water intake and my body was probably trying to tell me something... Something like HELLOOOOOOOOOO!! WAKE UP!!! I do hope that you're feeling a bit better now. :)


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