04 December 2010

Sam she Am, Oh Sam she am. I just might like that Sam she Am

Oddly enough, Tom's real name is Sam.

I went easy on her yesterday after some sob story about her puppy being on death's doorstep and how she cried all day on Thursday. They had to make the hard choice to turn him over to the hospital because even if he does recover (50/50 chance) from ingesting whatever it was that he ate, he is going to need quite a bit of care, more than they can handle. She was relieved that my plan to lick her water bottle was foiled. This morning, my muscles are aching and I'm struggling with my decision. Alas, there is nothing I can do now.

She is actually a really  nice lady and I love her to pieces, but I do like to give her a bad time about trying to kill me and torture me. She's cute as a button and has a great smile. We're done with our required trainer workouts now, but she'll be around to torture me and make sure I'm challenging myself. I not-so-secretly like it. You all have heard what an attention monger I am. It's true.

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  1. Sam! Isn't that the name of the lady on Bewitched!


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