03 December 2010

quick morning post hot 100 & blowing it

No, RNTG, not that kind of blowing it.

I had a slight weight gain this week. two-point-something, i haven't time to look and do the math. Lots of muscle building this week and some NSVs which I will hopefully post later.  It could also be the gimongous ball of snot that is resting somewhere between my sinuses and my throat. Feels like it weighs 40 lbs.  If today wasn't my final training with Tom, I'd go back to bed. I'm gonna go breathe on her and lick her water bottle when she's not paying attention.

Bedtime, not so good - There's been a lot of reading to do on blogger lately.

Fruit - about average

Hubby - mentioned "crash diet" this week and I asked him not to be a bad influence on our impressionable tween

Time to prop up these sinuses and go lift some weights. 3 reps of 12. Only thing I want to lift is blankets over my head.


  1. Please spare Tom! She might be kicking your ass, but she is doing it out of love. :) Get some rest, and I hope your ball of snot goes away soon!

  2. OK, so the licking and snotting on folks is totally gross:-) Hope you see a loss next time. Keep plugging away. You can do it.

  3. I think you're doing excellent with the gym!! Stay with it and you'll start seeing a huge improvement in your endurance. I couldn't do 15 minutes on the ellipticalthis summer before I wanted to die. I'm up to 50 now but it took a while. Adding any strength exercises will slow the scale down a little at first but it's worth it!

  4. do you get that big snot ball too? I have had that in the back of my throat for 2 weeks and cannot get rid of it. It just sits there, while I swallow, and swallow....If you figure out what to do to get rid of that, please let me know! Hope you're feeling better enough to enjoy your weekend.

  5. Eww, sorry about the snot ball- I hope you feel better soon!
    But going to train even though your not feeling your best? AWESOME.
    As of now, I would probably use that as an excuse to sit on my a** and do nothing... sad but true!


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