05 December 2010

bah humboog.

I've been fighting off depression that's trying to creep in ever since the Spinning mishap the other day. Way to put me in my place, universe!  And now the sinuses are giving me troubles too.

But, I had fun at the gingerbread house making party. The houses were actually made out of grahm crackers but the kids had great fun. It was really nice and it was special to be invited because each of the 2 siblings only got to invite 4 friends each. So the girl who invited Kiddo is not even in her class at our new school, but she is in our Kids For Peace group and they get along so well together. Very charming girl, and her mom is nice too!

So it's Sunday - always my blah day anyway because of the atmosphere in the house when Sweetie has to go back to work. And my birthday is approaching which always depresses me - not for the reason you think. It's not that I care about getting a year older. Age is just a number and if you ask people who have met me, I certainly do not act my age. I get really depressed because I miss the times when my birthday was a special time to celebrate me. See, I told you I was immature.  Part of being a grown-up and a parent, I suppose. I'll have to go and see my mom & sister - we'll meet at the half way point, an hour from here/an hour from them. Mandy will call and sing, probably. Most people won't care to notice. Maybe one or two friends . . .bah humbug. And then Christmas comes, which is a whole 'nother post about depression.

So hopefully now that I've put it "out there" for everyone to see how stupid it is, and for me to see how stupid it sounds, maybe that'll make me kick things into gear and get outside of my own thoughts. some nice http://www.dharmaseed.org/ may help me calm down in the morning, not anymore tonight. And hey - how bout I actually take my meds tonight? I bet Aunt Flo will be here by the end of the week too. She always likes to spend my birthday with me.  So thoughtful. At least one relative care enough to visit.

Now if you could all send telepathic messages to my husband saying "Kindle" I would appreciate it. Thanks so much. I'll stop wallowing (for now).


  1. Shoot! I've been telepathically (or psychopathically) telling him GPS!

  2. Oh Lanie! Your birthday should be a day to celebrate - even if you have to celebrate it yourself! I'd give you a hug if I were close.

    And by the way, I hope hubby gets you a Kindle. It was the best present I received for Christmas last year.

  3. kindle kindle kindle kindle..... :)

    It's not "stupid" Lanie.. They are your thoughts and feelings.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed today! That sounds like fun!

    My kids are dying to do gingerbread houses..maybe I'll look into the graham cracker kind.

  4. :) i'm getting one of those for my daughter! I'm sending vibes to your hubby.
    Glad you had fun at the party!
    I'm 3 weeks late and i'm definitely feeling depressed!
    Totally understand the birthday thing.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    I woke up still crabby but seeing -1.8 on the Wii Fit cheered me a little, then reading all your comments helped even more.

    Mandy- you know that's hopeless cuz it was my lack of responsibility that got his stolen!

  6. I am so the same way about my birthday!!! I think it should be a freaking national holiday!!! When my dh and kids do not make a big deal they have to deal with my wrath - which happened last year for my 45th. So what did I do? I picked up and went to Las Vegas with my sister!!! NOW THAT WAS FUN!!!

    Have a wonderful birthday whenever it is and plan the special day yourself - that way you won't be disappointed :-)

  7. the complicating factor is that Sweetie's bday is the same day. Which makes it ripe for extra-special stuff but he's already given me his annual "I suppose you expect me to buy you a birthday gift" routine.

    Found out today that James Taylor tickets go on Sale Friday . . . .maybe we should change our telepathic messages . . .

  8. Hang in there, Lanie! Happy early BD!! Kindle, huh. You like reading books electronically?? I am not sold, that is why I ask.


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