16 November 2010

Kinda random

Doing well today so far. On track with food and did some light exercise first thing in the morning - trying to work that into my routine. At least if I do a little in the morning, it should give me the boost I need to get through the day and if I can work some in later, HOORAY!

Lots of laundry to do today, I've been slacking. I really need to get this house in order. I think I will feel oh so much better once I get my living room back.

I finished reading The Shack this afternoon and wow - what a powerful book. Even for a non-Christian such as myself, it is full of great messages and it really doesn't shove Christianity down your throat the way I thought it might. It's a wonderful story, quite different than I thought it would be. There's on paticular chapter I'm already looking forward to re-reading, about forgiveness which is always a hot topic for me.

Kid will be home from school soon and we will find a snack. So far today I've had my pepsi, a Sweet & Salty bar, half a peanut butter snadwich and a cup of watermelon. I've downed over 120 oz of water, done some emergency grocery shopping, made lunch for hubby, and had a little nap. For the next few hours it'll be all about the kiddo, homework, clarinet practice, maybe a fire in the fireplace and some knitting after Sweetie comes home from work.  Or, if I'm lucky I'll talk them into playing the Harry Potter version of CLUE. Cold and rainy, a nice fire-sitting night.


  1. Keeping on track is a good thing. I also like to execise in the morning, get it done and out of the way !

    What kind of sweet & salty bar are you talking about ?

  2. Ahhh.... a fire in the fireplace, sounds so homey and nice. I bet you are a great mom! And already 120 oz. of water. Wow, that is great. I try to at least get in my 100 oz. by the evening or end of the day. I'm doing laundry today too! See, we have SO much in common. :)

    Have an enjoyable evening!

  3. I just started reading it last night! I was so disturbed after the disappearance chapter that I had to come downstairs for a bit before going to sleep. Will pick it up again this evening. Wow you read fast!


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