15 November 2010

Meatless Mondays & This morning's doctor visit

Breakfast was a Sweet N Salty bar, lunch was grilled cheese on potato  bread, snacks consist of pumpkin bread and FRUIT. Dinner will be whole grain pasta with snowpeas and asparagus, parmesan & olive oil. Some herbs & spices tossed in.

Dr. appointment was good today. She continues to be pleased with my progress, not at all concerned with the slowdown - said that's normal for this time of year for many people. She said keep doing what I'm doing. Aside from a multivitamin, she didn't want me to do any additional supplements. She looked at my airway and considers it small, suspects that the root of my ongoing fatigue is sleep apnea. So, Dec 9th I go see a pulmonologist and they will determine if I need a sleep study. Expect a future post on anxiety, sleep, and insanity.


  1. Hey Lainie,

    I hope everything goes well with the pulmonologist, my Mom has sleep apnea and when she started using her c-pap machine she lost 40 pounds, just because she was sleeping better. Dinner sounds yummy!

  2. My hubs did one of those sleep studies... and they determined he had sleep apnea. But before he could get on a machine we started this program and with losing his first 10-15 pounds, he didn't need it anymore. But I wish there was a cure for the anxiety and insanity! Let me know if you find one!!

    Get some sleep girl!! :) Nice eats.


  3. Sleep sounds great. I'm sitting here trying to decide if I want to blog, sleep, watch TV, and/or knit.

    We ended up using whole wheat potato gnocci for our pasta tonight and it was a hit.

    I know I probably have sleep apnea, and I have also been told I twitch a lot in my sleep. Who knows what all brain malfunctions will show up. I have a lot of issues surrounding sleep. The test isn't gonna be easy :(

  4. Remember when you spent the night at my house and my husband was worried about the snoring?

  5. Hope all goes well for you. Sleep apnea can cause all kinds of issues. It also sounds like your food is on track, and dinner plans are Yummy! Take care...

  6. I have had a sleep study done but I was able to do it at home. Makes more sense IMHO because it is more realistic then doing it in a sterile office. I have sleep apnea and I strongly dislike my CPAP machine BUT it makes a WORLD of difference. I can think clearly, I have energy and really getting the rest I needed and missed out on for so long.


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