16 November 2010

skating by

I've never been a GOOD roller skater. I'm not even a good walker.

But, I bet skating burns a lot of calories. All that smashing of kneecaps and hauling my big 234 lb butt back up off of the floor. . . .

Kid wants me to take her to the school skating party tonight, and I must be on an upswing because I'm actually considering skating. In front of people. In public. I'll probably talk myself out of it but honestly, I will probably be bored if I don't skate. I don't know these people for the most part. Why not embarass myself?

So much for my nice fireside knitting.


  1. I say go for it!!!! Just be careful!!

  2. I bet skating is great for the legs and butt!

  3. I bet you'll be glad if you go. You just might have a really good time!!!

  4. Oh dear, I'll be thinking of you tonight!! I can barely walk across a flat surface, much less do it on wheels! I'm with you though, it's supposed to burn a ton of calories so I want to try again. Maybe with more weight off, my knee won't be such a wench and let me do it! At least you thought about trying it, I wouldn't have gone that far a year ago!

  5. Go for it. HAve fun. Get embarrassed and have more fun! Vee

  6. Roller skating sounds kind of fun! I bet you will surprise yourself and do a better job than you thought you would!

    Once I get a little smaller, I think i'm going to try my hand at rollerblading.

    Congrats on putting yourself out there though! I think that is pretty awesome! :)


  7. Oh. I am a bad roller skater. Bad, as in I will bust my ass and probably break my ankle again if I try, lol.

    But good luck!!!

  8. if we waited until we were perfect, or close to it, we'd never do shit. ;)

  9. Oh, I'd love to know how the skating went. The last time I skated was um...oh, about 27 years ago when they used to dim the lights and lower the disco ball (they still did that in the 80's). Hope you had loads of fun!


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