26 November 2010

Hot 100 and "I Refuse to Blow It Over the Holidays" update

I've lost 9 lbs since the first day of autumn. More would be better, but as long as it's going the right direction, I won't complain.

Health: Go to bed by 10 pm nightly
I've done very well on this except for last night when I had a hard time winding down after a day full of family fun :)

Nutrition: Eat more fruit!
I could do a lot better. I've been slacking here but I have lots of big juicy grapes waiting for me and I don't intend to let them go to waste!

Activity: Achieve BMI at or below 35
36.82 It's getting there! And with the new gym membership, it should get there a LOT faster now

Accountability: Blog at least 2x daily
This has been more difficult with all of the holiday prep and not much profound to say. Not a lot on my mind except for cleaning.

Pay it Forward: Encourage hubby to join the journey

Quote of the day "I could try to lose weight too, ya know"  :)


  1. More weight loss is always better, but I am glad to see you are appreciating your success thus far. It looks like good things are coming! Good for you!

  2. What is better than frozen grapes?
    At least in the summer, that is!
    Congrats on the downward trend!

  3. Congrats on your success! You are an inspiration. :) Your blog is interesting and I'll definitely be back to follow you.

  4. 9 lbs. is awesome! So, so much better than if you were doing nothing! Keep it up! Slow is okay!

  5. I had a few grapes this morning, they were yummy!

  6. 9 pounds is FABULOUS. You're kind of my hero now.

    Oh - and that's not really the only reason you're my hero. Your emails and comments have meant so much to me.

    Thank you - for being you.


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