26 November 2010

Fun Friday

Sweetie took a vacation day today, which means he only worked 4 hours instead of his usual 10 or more. He'll be back in over the weekend to fix things up. Some IT problem has made it so that he can't check emails or access anything from home - all of 2 miles away - so he won't be home as much as he had hoped until they fix that.

Today we went to our home town and celebrated birthdays and Christmas with his parents who will be snowbirding this winter. We will miss them - at least I will - I am really hoping that when snow melts in the spring they will be able to move even closer to us - this all depends on the real estate market, of course.

While Sweetie was at work, one of my hometown friends actually visited us. So much fun hanging out with her. We have lots in common and she always makes me laugh. Plus, she calls me skinny. Yeah, I know she's teasing but I still like it :D

So I ate more bread that I needed today - nice big fat loaf of Hawaiian bread kept drawing me back to it. I think I'd better hit the gym tomorrow and every day this week. I wasn't making very good choices. I guess I spent all my good choices yesterday and today let down my guard.  After the festivities, we went to see the new Harry Potter movie which - of course - was AWESOME! I've read all the books so no big suprises, except for a lot of it was exactly how I had pictured it. I might re-read the last part of the last book to refresh my memory as it has been a coupla years.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to hit the gym before going to lunch and to see the movie Tangled with some friends. Gotta make this long 5 day weekend go by somehow.


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