27 November 2010

Crafty Crafterson

After all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Thanksgiving and then doing a quick birthday/Christmas celebration . . .I don't have anything pressing on my schedule. We've seen 2 movies in the last 24 hours  and I'm now sort of at a loss for what a want to do,  which is an odd predicament for me. Added to that the fact that we're skipping church tomorrow and this weekend is really stretching out.

Sweetie is playing Sid Meier's Civ and kiddo is watching TV but wanting to do crafts with me. I really don't feel like making a huge craft mess, but I'll probably get stuff out for her in a little bit. I have found some cute crafts that I'd like to try as well. Maybe I will make them and donate them to next year's craft bazaar at church. I know that I've got to do something to keep busy and not turn to eating for entertainment. That's difficult this time of year for some reason.  So, I guess I'll stop blabbing and start crafting!


  1. Keeping my hands busy really helps keeping my fingers away from my mouth. For this reason only, I wish for an extra sticky, ooey, gooey craft for you :)

  2. Happy long, stretched out holiday weekend, o crafty one!

  3. Oh man...boredom makes eating sound like SUCH a good idea!! Post pictures of your craft! :)

  4. my kid is a craft loving freak.

    does she not see my "martha stewart reject" diploma hanging on the f-in wall?

  5. I love crafts, but wish we had room for them all! My dream is to have a room dedicated to all my craft junk. Hope you had fun with your daughter!

  6. I made a bunch of yo-yos today. I was going to embroider, but the yo-yos are more mindless.


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