29 June 2010

Clothing dilemma

Tomorrow I'm expected to attend a girl scout function at a public pool. Yes, I have a swimsuit and yes, I've been seen wearing one in public before - but here's the catch.

This paticular swimsuit was CHEAP - I mean like $5 on clearance and also not just inexpensive but poorly designed. And I'm not talking about just not being flattering. This damn suit is PAINFUL. It has a big plastic hook that lays on (presses against) the top of spine just before my neck and hurts like HELL on a hot biscuit after about ten of fifteen minutes.

Now at home, I can just take the straps down and swim around in the pond soaking up the algea and burning calories and I don't care. However, I'm convinced that people will think I'm trying to look sexy if I don't wear the straps in public. Like what the hell is tha fat chick doing with no straps? Does she know what sh'es risking? Holy crap! There are Children here!

Yeah, so, I can afford a new suit but I really didn't want to buy one until I got another size down. I'm having this issue with a lot of my clothes - when do I buy new ones? I know the old ones are going far far away never to be seen again. There will be no "after" photos of me holding up my old pants a la Jared of Subway fame. Yes, I'll keep the photo of my 8 year old daughter fitting into one leg of my "before" jeans, though. I love that picture.

So, I know I won't be able to withstand the pain of the damn cheap swimsuit and I guess I'm going to buy a new one. I'll probably even buy one that fits a bit tightly. As for the rest of my clothes, I'll probably wait until (1) they are falling off of me or (2) I need something else for a special occasion.

But I'm curious - my weight loss blogosphere buddies - when do you decide to buy new clothes? Every size down could be quite expensive. Anybody who thinks they might need my size 24/26's in the not-so-near future is welcome to them, by the way> I'll be donating them to charity anyway so if you're a step or two behind me, and you want them, they're yours.


  1. Hey girl I would buy a new swimsuit. Try and find one that you can use if you loose down several sizes. I ordered mine from Women Within and I can use it down to around a size 18 I think before it becomes to baggy. I chose a solid color and just a simple one piece with a coverup. I love your blog.

  2. Thanks Debbie. I wish I had time to order one but I didn't plan ahead (who me?) as usual. I'll prolly hit KMart today and then Catherines, but I think I'll otherwise follow your advice. And thanks for the compliment!


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