27 June 2010

Fit Point: Workout Space

This week’s topic:
Workout Space
Do you go to the gym, or workout at home? If you go to the gym, how often, and how serious are you about doing it? If you workout at home, what kind of equipment do you use?

My workout space is mainly the "playroom" at our house. It's where we watch TV and store most of my daughter's toys. The Wii Fit Plus is there an it's my main equipment. I love it. I'm finding new things about it all the time. I also will change things up once in a while by playing "Just Dance". My other workout space is my yard. I love to just walk around - hope to move up to jogging once my knees can safely support my weight - and soak up the nature. Occasionally, we'll go to a park to walk for a change of scenery, but when you live in paradise, that isn't often necessary.

The Rules
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The point?


  1. I love working out at home, it is so easy to just get into it, at any point!

    Make sure to be following up on comments on the other FitPoints on the list :)

  2. Hi! I finally found your blog. Took me a while... I'll be adding you to my blogroll, soon. :D

    Thank you for your comments. :D

  3. Sorry! I didn't mean to be elusive!

    Thanks ladies!

  4. I wish my grass in my yard was nicer so I could go do stuff outside. lol. But alas, it's horrible. The woes of not owning your land.

    Keep up the great work!


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