26 June 2010

Home Sweet Home

Daughter and I got home late last night from our vacation. We were gone 9 days. We did a TON of walking in that time. I'm sure I burned more calories that I ever imagined possible.

We ate out a lot. Fun places that we don't have here at home. Hudsons' Grill, Culver's, Noodles, and Hardee's were stops in Wausau. In Chicago we went to Jafa Bakery, Mellow Yellow, Medici's, Hershey Store, and Leona's. Plus we had a bucket of movie popcorn while at the IMAX seeing TS3.

That said, I consider a gain of 1.1 lb a complete success. I think if I were able to do my daily body test and workouts I would've done better, but I didn't feel confident taking the Wii with us. I did swim at the hotel in WI and also used their workout room. I'm proud of myself!

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