17 June 2010


I do the body test on the Wii Fit every morning. I have been making steady, if not slow, progress this way. I have been losing about a pound every day. I know lots of experts say NOT to weigh in every day, but it keeps me focused and motivated. Usually.

Today I'm up 2.9 lbs from yesterday. I ate really well and I moved a lot! WTF?

This is not what I needed to see the morning of a ten-hour car ride.


  1. This is a good example of why not to weigh every day. Lol. It's just water weight. Just cut way down on sodium (watch the snacks on your trip), drink LOTS of water, and get your fruits and veggies. It could be "that time" coming too.

  2. Mentioned your site in my latest fit point. :) http://www.sushi-cookie.net/?p=793

  3. When I started out, I didn't weigh myself at home, just once a week. period. that was it. Over the last few weeks, though, I've started weighing myself more frequently... and I've noticed a lot of fluctuation. I've experimented with weighing myself before and after getting dressed, before and after taking my meds (zyrtec and odd supplements actually) with lots of water, and I can see a few pounds here and there. Sometimes I'll see a gain even at the same time of the day... but then later in the day realize my body, um, hadn't finished processing everything it normally processes earlier in the day, shall we say. I get a little frustrated when I see it's down mid-week but then fluctuates up just before an official weigh in, which it does do, but I just remember that in the long term it doesn't matter what any individual weigh in tells me. It's a long haul process, and there are pit stops along the way, but any route that takes me to my end goal is good enough for me. :)

  4. I think you're right, Tiny. Weighing in daily doesn't discourage me for the most part. It keeps me in check and mostly I know where it comes from. That paticular day it was most likely hormonal.

    While I was waiting in the Dr. Office yesterday (my kid's appt, not mine) I picked up a fitness magazine and read an article that talked about a study done at Univ. of MN (Twin Cities) that found daily weighing actually helped in the long term for people to lose more weight and to gain back less in the long run. I figure if I find a couple of pounds adding on I can figure out the source right away. It's the same as checking my bank balance every day. If something goes awry, I want to know about it right away!


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