14 March 2011

Peer Pressure workout

I promised myself today that I was going to walk on a treadmill for 1.6 miles which I'm told is half of a 5K. I want to sign up for some 5K's coming up, even if just to walk them. I won't do it though until I can prove to myself that I CAN walk that far. Once I prove that, I may just go ahead and invest in an iPod and get the C25K app so I can learn to run that far. Maybe.

I think it's been since January since I was working out daily. I've done a little here and there, but nothing to sustain the muscle that I had attained. Saturday we went to a nearby university for Kiddo to participate in a Youth Olympics. I brought my knitting in my backpack along with a few other items and I was SORE from carrying that around all day. I found myself wanting to sit down - a lot. I found it a bit difficult to get up off the floor after sitting down. 3 months ago that wouldn't have been the case.

This morning I hauled my paczki laden hips out to the gym right after Kiddo got on the bus. My belly was hurting from yesterday's abuse and I was tired from staying up reading my Picoult novel and the time change. Fat lady in my mind was saying "stay home, take a nap!" but I really really wanted to see my big city girlfriends so I went before I could get comfortable at home. Once I was there, I realized it was a half hour before school started for them. Oh well, I thought, At least I will see them in passing and get to chat a little on my way out. But when I got to 1.5 mile and the treadmill beside me opened up and my friends joined me, we had such a fun time talking that I lost track of time. My legs eventually began aching so I slowed down a tiny bit when I would've normally quit and gone home. I reminded myself that a bit of discomfort wouldn't do me any harm - look at the people on Biggest Loser who work out until they hurl. Nasty.

Discomfort morphed into pain and finally the other girls wanted to quit and lift weights. I looked at my workout summary and was amazed.

My goal for tomorrow? 3 miles.

As I progress, we'll see more photos illustrating incline. Baby steps my friends - baby steps.

My back feels AWESOME.

I came home at ate a banana. I'm still hungry so I might go find some walnuts or almonds to nosh on while I start working on my hideous to-do list.

I've taken vitamins 2 days in a row thanks to Spunkysuzi's challenge.
I'll try to get a better quality photo next time.


  1. Yeah you. Glad you got to the gym today. One day at a time. I'm proud of you. I know how difficult it is.

  2. Excellent work out. Baby steps are steps and they are a new beginning for you!

  3. Way to go!! There's no stopping you now :)


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