14 March 2011


Garbage in, garbage out

I'm not proud of what I ate yesterday, including movie popcorn for lunch. This morning I am paying for it. I had forgotten what it was like to make myself sick. And this is how I used to feel almost every day when I ate whatever tasted good. I told myself back then that I just had a sensitive stomach. Today I am reminded that if I eat garbage, I produce some pretty horrible garbage myself. I just hope it's out of my system quickly so I can hit the gym after kiddo gets on the bus. Ugh.


  1. So true so true. You know, I have a good friend who is working on the weight loss thing too, and he eats whatever he wants, but just stays under a certain amount of calories. And then he wonders why it's so hard for him to do a good workout. We are always debating the KIND of calories you consume. You know?
    Lets get back on the horse!! Brand new day.

  2. Maybe someday we'll learn to stop sabotaging ourselves!

    Hugs & love,


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