15 March 2011

Forces of the universe conspire against me.

That has to be it, since I am the center of all that exists.

My goal today was three miles on the treadmill after seeing what I could do on the eliptical. But, I have a sick kid again and so will be staying home. I'm determined to use Walk It Out for my three miles which will probably be much easier. The trick will be making kid REST while I'm doing it instead of playing along.


  1. Hope Kiddo is better soon. That kind of thing usually happens to me. I'd decide to start an exercise program - I'd twist my ankle or get a bad cold. Do your Walk it Out so that I can clap for you later.

  2. Lanie!
    Just checking in- its been forever since I have been able to do so, congratulations on your 50 lbs weightloss! You've come so far and I am so proud of you! Don't let this hang up today mess you up, you are on the right track!


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