23 March 2011

Here's an analogy that I can sink my teeth into

"Obsession is a form of autism, a way to cover our ears and block out the background noise, a way to protect ourselves when teh situation feels vulnerable or dangerous or anxiety producing. Obsession is a way to change the channel when you don't like what's barreling across the screen of your mind."

Exactly! Eating, shopping, blogging, exercising, playing video games . . . it's all away of self-soothing or AVOIDING which is my habit.
So, can you guess what author said that . . . and what book? First correct guess gets the book free from Amazon courtesy of me.
(Sorry - Pam and Mandy not available for prize because they know the answer.)


  1. Is it Geneen Roth? I think I know that book, but I haven't read it...


  2. Lost and Found! It just came out yesterday and you already got it and dove in. I am impressed!!! I have not read any of her books. Funny too that that is the title because I was going to use that as my book title (just started writing it)so I may have to rethink that one hahaha :)

    P.S. Curious to know what else is on your wish list

  3. I bet it's Gina's book Lost and Found. I get obsessed with things for awhile and then dump them though, except precious hubby.

  4. So close ladies . . .reread the post. Whoever gets the author AND title here first wins. Spring fever must be setting in!

  5. Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money by Geneen Roth

  6. Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money by Geneen Roth

  7. I didn't know the book, but it sure sounded like Geneen's stuff to me!

    And it's soooooo true.

  8. Finding a new obsession (my blog) worked when trying to leave my obsession with food. The obsession with food will NEVER go away but I can drowned out the screaming cup cake with blogging, exercise or something else. It like a quote I heard somewhere. "Surround yourself with so much positive that there isn't any room for the negative."

    Starting At 500 Pounds

  9. Thank you SOOO much!!! I can't wait to get my book :)

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  11. those words could not be truer!


    love and light


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