11 February 2011


I'm feeling taller today.  Could it be the increased sleep efficiency? Or maybe I lost some weight overnight. Thanks to SpunkySuzi I will never know for sure, though.  At least she has successfully gotten me to obsess about the scale again. Maybe she should outlaw salads next week!

Yet another reminder call for a doctor's appointment that wasn't in my PALM. This time I've double booked myself but luckily Sweetie said he would cover for me at the other appointment since he took the day off to make up for being away on Valentine's Day. awwww . . .

Big weekend coming up and we are smashing all kinds of activities into it. Tonight kiddo has drawing class and a really cool drop-off event and one of the funnest kid places in the area so moms and dads can have a date night. I just love it and she'll have a great time with some of her favorite girlfriends. Sweetie and I might check out the newest downtown locality in our little burg if he can get off work in time.

Tomorrow while Sweetie's working I'll probably take Kiddo to the cat show. We are becoming more involved with "Crafting for Kitties" and some of our wares will be sold to benefit the no-kill shelter. My kid is cat-obsessed so she will be in seventh heaven.  Tomorrow night one of her long-time friends is in a musical production called "Wonka" which should be fun. I'm hoping we can still get ticktes.

Sunday we'll have to zoom to our hometown and meet up with my mom and sis so they can spoil Kiddo. I should finish sis's scarf I'm knitting today or tomorrow to take along. I can't wait until it's done. My next project is picked out already - it's just a washcloth that looks like good practice for some different stitches.


  1. RANDOM!

    I like it

    have a wonderful weekend Lanie
    and by the way....you DO look taller!!! ; )

    love and light

  2. Not salads...noooooo.

    Sounds like you've got a fun-filled weekend planned. I love that you guys are supporting Crafting for Kitties. Anyone that loves and helps animals is #1 in my books.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Cat scratch fevah, eh? I'm sure CVS has something for that. And for the record? I care about the scale, just not as much as I care about eating that chocolate donut. Le sigh. - Kirsten


  4. glad you are feeling better & have fun this weekend!

  5. Oh that would be a good one this summer! A salad everyday :)

  6. Hello! Thank you for following my blog!

    It sounds like you have a full weekend ahead of you. I hope it is lots of fun for you. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  7. Glad Spunky Suzy’s challenge has cured your scale addiction!! I like her challenges, although the hardest one for me was not eating with distractions. Still can't do it. Have a great week!


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