10 February 2011

Apnea report

Long story short.
I've been mostly dead all night.

Severe sleep apnea 55.2 average events per hour, or 93.9 events per hour on my back.
Those are the results of the 2 sleep studies I had in December.
30 events is considered "severe" and increases chance of serious heart disease  by 50%

No wonder I'm so freaking tired.
I don't want anybody giving me shit about being lazy or needing  a nap ever again.

So we only have 2 days of data with the new machine but it appears to be a great improvement.
I am never to lay down without it, though.

Something about each time I sleep w/o it I'm training my brain into "central sleep apnea" which is an instability of the body's feedback mechanisms that control respiration.  So yeah, I'm too stupid to know when to breathe and if I don't have the mask on telling me when to breathe . . . it'm going to get stupider and deader.

Anyway, last night's sleep wasn't as good as before, but it's much better than it had been. No changes were prescribed and Dr. will see me again in 3 months. He said I only got 5 1/2 hours of good sleep the night before and I'm a little worried how great I'll feel if I actually end up getting 8 good hours of sleep on a nightly basis.

I'm sleepy.


  1. It's fantastic...believe me, you'll love sleep like you've never loved it before. Glad you are moving forward with your progress.

  2. Oh my gosh thats crazy! I hope you can get to sleep 8 hours soon-Im sure you will notice a HUGE difference!

  3. Hi,new follower. I'm so happy you got some good sleep last night. I do a lot of spunki suzi's challenges too and I didn't even join the don't step on the scale one, I would have failed asap!

  4. Crossing fingers for you! Sending you precious sleep-not that I have much myself-compliments of a tiny bladder.

    Polar's Mom

  5. Ahhh, Susie found my BFF! I hope you'll still have me when you come to your senses!

  6. Maybe I should look into this new fangles corntrapition!
    Really , it sound like a great change, long overdue.

  7. I hope you continue to get some good sleep. You have really struggled with this, so maybe this will do it for you.

  8. HOLY CRAP! Glad you got the study done so you can now get some decent sleep!

  9. Yikes! You were smart to get this done. It's scary to read, but so long as you know what's going on, you can deal with it.


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