12 February 2011

Progress not Perfection, Using Powers for GOOD instead of EVIL

Earlier this week, I read on some wonderful blog about looking for "Progress not Perfection." I intended to save the spot so that I could refer back to it when I had the time to write out my blog post. But, I've lost track of it. (Please let me know if it was you so I can link back to you!)

At any rate, one of the reasons I shy away from setting goals is because I (now, IRL friends will laugh) have some perfectionistic ideals. It's TRUE Mandy, sh'up.  However, I rarely have the motivation to meet said ideals so I often end up disappointed in myself. Working with intuitive eating, however, allows me to track progress without setting myself up to miss perfection.  As long as the scale is trending downward, then I'm glad. It's not a race. It doesn't matter if people are doing better than me or worse than me - in fact there is no 'better' or 'worse' there is only different. I need to be able to be supportive of others w/o comparing myself to them. I think I was doing pretty well on that until BFF started enjoying her workouts and then go way ahead of me on Walk It Out.  Bitch can't let me win at anything.

Just now I read on Dr. Fatty's blog something that got me thinking. Here is some of my response to her. It's a good question that you pose, though, and it really got me thinking! I don't have a lot of positive food memories. My mom isn't a good cook (really - who can ruin Kraft Mac & Cheese or mached potatoes?), and mealtimes were always stressful because I was a picky eater and would rather not be around the table with my scary family. Even on the rare occasion that we went to a restaurant I'd be completely stressed out and anxious because if I didn't like what I ordered, i would be in trouble for wasting money.

Now that I've thought that out, it makes sense that I can't handle strict retrictions on my food intake. Discovering how to eat and enjoy food was a great power-up for me as a young adult. Now I need to use that power for good instead of evil! Thanks for making me think that out!

So, it's back to using my powers for good instead of evil. I can stop choosing junkfood and start choosing life. Who's with me?

Ready. Set. GO.


  1. Interesting observation of yourself - discovering how to eat and enjoy food. I always love it when people realize something about themselves that is a key to their future success. You have a lot of power, Lanie, and you mostly use it for good (lol)...keep on doing that. Progress, not perfection - because perfectionist just cannot get it done. Been there, doesn't work.

  2. Awesome insight!
    We are shrinking and growing by leaps and bounds!

  3. As a reforming perfectionist, I was struck hard when I first had a reader share that phrase with me. But it is such a great mantra for everything!

  4. I used to struggle with perfectionistic tendencies; it's not so bad anymore. It took a while to learn that sometimes, good enough really is good enough. It creates a lot of joy and reduces stress too.

  5. I struggle with the same thing. Are you sure we weren't separated at birth?

    My therapist uses a phrase that is similar, "Persistance, not perfection." I hate her for that (but only because she is right).

    Thanks for reminding me of this...I needed to hear it today.


  6. I see where she screwed up, she made "mached" potatoes instead of mashed! AND I am not a BITCH! Okay, nevermind, I am.

  7. I think it was me Lainie. I referenced it in my 2 year blogiversary post and you commented you liked it. Here is the link:


  8. P.S. I, like Karen, had a light bulb moment when I first heard that statement. Now if I could just apply that to my exercising :-) Have a good weekend Lanie!


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