06 January 2011

stupid pain.

Yesterday was a full day of volunteering and 3/4 of day of intense pain.

It's bad enough to have killer menstrual cramps. I'm used to that for a day or two every month and can ignore it. This time, I'll spare you the details, but it is particularly unpleasant.  But that wasn't enough! Even though I felt otherwise "fine" while I shelved books at the school library, when I got out of the car at home afterwards, I had pain in my left leg from my knee all the way up to my lower back. Not muscle soreness - I can deal with that with basic whining techniques. Not sciatica, I've been down that now seemingly pleasant road before. No, this is different.

I took my Voltaren and went about my day sitting at the church and working on the weekly newsletter and walking became less of chore as the meds kicked in. It was barely noticeable until I got home and *gasp* tried to climb a stair-step. I'm telling you this hurts all along the long bone and OUCH it takes my breath away.  But now, it only hurts when I'm going up the steps.

So yesterday I skipped squats.  I did do 91 sit-ups for that challenge though. I keep stretching my legs and my back and it seems to be getting a little better. But I think I'd better rest it for another day. If that doesn't help, maybe a chiro? I've never been to one before but a friend works in the office for a chiro practice somewhere nearby.

A dusting of snow today caused backups on I-75 near the Ohio turnpike. Another good reason to stay home. Fools can't drive.


  1. Yes... stupid pain! Oweee!!! I would stay home after that snow, too. Maybe take an easy day and soak your muscles in the tub, then read a really good work out book. That'll do the trick!! :)


  2. My goodness. Feel better and please take it easy. Can you sub something for those 91 situps? Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  3. Yikes, Lanie - I guess you skipped the squats. And the killer cramps; all I can say is thank goodness for hysterectomies (for me, that is). I did have a really good pain killer for cramps but I can't remember the name of it now - an anti-inflammatory of some sort (some help, I am). Are you overdoing it on the exercises? (just a thought) or did this just come out of the blue? In any event, get better soon.

  4. Oh no!! I've dealt with sciatica (thankfully, not in almost an entire year), and it's gotten bad enough at times where I can't put mine on panties on! Do whatever you need to do to take care of it- but rest it!! Pushing too much for the sake of a workout schedule is not worth it hun! Sending hugs!


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