23 December 2010

Random Quacks.

I walked 2 miles on WIO today and probably could've done more if I had brought my hydration along. As it was, I had to go get my huge glass of water and then was distracted.

Much enjoyment has been gotten from watching the ducks on our pond this week. The pond is frozen solid except for a circle in the middle about 10 feet in diameter because of the bubbler we keep running year-round.  This makes a nice water feature that attracts more wildlife, including up to 23 ducks (so far) at one time. The enjoyable part is when they attempt to fight on the ice. We put some cracked corn out for them today and 6 were trying to make their way to shore. One bumped into another and a squabble ensued. They were sliding around everywhere . .. looking like feathered weebles. I need to charge my video camera. Laughter is the best medicine, we should all be doing well and thanking our resident quacks.

Sweetie. I like him. We had fun playing with the kid today, lots of laughs. I'm anxious for Christmas even though she is the only one who receives gifts. She no longer believes in Santa, but she is  one of the more appreciative people I know - always happy to be thought of.

Tomorrow is the Hot 100 Weigh-in, second to the last in fact. I've skipped some because of depression and other things. I think I'm back on track now and will check in for it tomorrow. I made the msitake of going for a bday breakfast at a place that has a photo of some now out-of-state family mid-month and I became very sad and "wallowy" after seeing the kids' photos, knowing they are growing up without me, it breaks my heart. I love those kids (and their parents of course) to pieces. I miss them more than what is probably normal or healthy - not that I would know a normal or healthy emotion if it snuck up on me and kicked me in the buttoxen - anyway, I think I am a little better now and can move on with life with less wallowing. At least until the ducks leave. :D


  1. *quack*quack*
    Cheer up mom, it's all good!

  2. Glad that you are doing better, and I understand what you mean about loving and missing the kids. As I read about your exercise routine, it made me think that I need to do better. It's a weak point of mine. My best to you...take care.

  3. Do try and move on and smile, life is to be enjoyed through all of its ups and downs. Easier said than done at times, but enjoyment is there to be had if you will have it.

    Havea a great holiday weekend!

  4. Would love to see video of the ducks, glad that you are feeling a little better.

  5. I am really proud of you, as is my mother *eyeroll*! You have come so far, and winter can really suck on those of us who deal with depression. This nasty cold thing that we had can be really hard on us, too!

  6. Good job on the exercise. I need to get some motivation to move. I know walking would be great for my depression. I just need to get the treadmill set up again so seeing it all ready for a walk will remind me to get on it.


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