24 December 2010

Hot 100, updates, and 1 week to go

Week 2, day 3 of 200 squats and I completed 102 squats.   Later I have to do the progress test to see how many I should do next week. I'm hoping I'll be able to move up a level.  I think if I'd be more faithful with my fish oil supplements, my knees would allow more. I'm so glad I can (NSV) properly stretch my quads now, cuz they're gonna need it.

Hot 100 goals - what the heck were they?

Health: Go to bed by 10 pm nightly  50% success this

week but I was up past midnight last night w/o even realizing it.
Nutrition: Eat more fruit! I'd say probably about 50% success on this as well. I started out the week pretty good, but then I was sick sick sick and didn't eat much. I did have a banana for brekkie today though!

Activity: Achieve BMI at or below 35. It is currently at 35.4 according to the BMI calculator on my phone so I'm getting close! I have one more week to make it, but having lost 11 lbs so far on this challenge is good enough for me to say "I haven't blown it."

Accountability: Blog at least 2x daily
Major fail. I think I skipped 2 days this week altogether and only ended up blogging twice one day - yesterday.  I'm ok with it. It can't be "all about me" this time of year and when I'm deeply depressed I don't feel like talking to anybody, even the blogosphere.

Pay it Forward: Encourage hubby to join the journey
He's hooked on video game currently (Sid Meier Civilization) so he's not too much into health and nutrition. That's ok. He's happy and I'm good with that. At least he's not sitting around stuffing his face with junk.


  1. Sounds like your day is going well, Lanie. I understand the depression and not wanting to talk to anybody. I've found for myself though that I can chat on the internet and feel better than if I isolate completely. Interacting on the internet isn't nearly as taxing for me as in person visits.

  2. Look at you making that BMI your bitch! WOOT! Happy HoHoHolidays HotAss! :)

  3. Lanie, I love your blog because you always share interesting information. For example, the 200 squat challenge. I thought that sounds cool, so I looked it up and I was quite surprised and pleased with myself that I could do 40 (without training). At least I know my quads are strong. They have to be. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your interesting posts.

  4. That little portion of a percent -
    You've already made it!

  5. If you find a way to get your hubby on board I'd love to know your secret. Mine is the same way - happy but 'ahem' lazy in that dept. I have to say, he does work hard but as far as exercising on his own time...not going to happen without a miracle.


  7. I would say it was a decent if not good week. 50% of the time is better than 0%. SO, I would say: you are making steady progress. Keep it up. Glad you are coming out of your funk. Stay strong, you can do this. You can.... Happy holidays to you!


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