01 December 2010


here I am up past bedtime again. I have no idea whether or not I drank enough water today. I was reading so much online that I didn't pay attention to how many times I filled my 64 oz cup.

A new magazine came today, thanks to a school fundraiser from a coupla months ago. We had already been hooked on Scientific American and now I also get Scientific American Mind. I really want to dive into it when I go to bed, but I'm worried I'll be up until I finish it. *twitch* *twitch*

Piling on the blankets in a few minutes. Prolly with the zine, if my warm fluffy cat cuddles in, I'll be out in 10 minutes


  1. I sometimes get all my water ready,
    And leave it out somewhere
    (still cold, though)
    and know already how much remains
    instead of how many fill-ups I've had.
    Hope you get some good rest!


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