01 December 2010

4 Hours ago

Over 4 hours ago, I got home from my workout. I ate my lunch - nuked potato with cheese - and sat down at the computer to catch up on blogs before writing my own super-inpired interest.  Kiddo's bus will arrive in about 20 minutes but writing is in the air and I just can't get caught up on all these blogs. As soons as I read a post, 3 more new ones come up. I read an entire blog from a noob that I just adore. Unfortunately, I didn't save it to link to her, but I "followed" her so when she posts next, it should show up on my feed.  I started 2 more inspired posts that I want to come back and flesh out later. I had some great movies on AMC in the background. I read, and commented, read & commented . . .it was so much fun. I talked to BFF on the phone, also very very fun. I read some personal emails. One from my favorite blogger that was so supersweet that, if I were a sensitive person, would have made me cry like a big old baby and eat a bag of Reese's minis. Since I'm not, though, I only cried and ate 1 serving of kettle corn. Hmmm. . .that would be even better dipped in chocolate.  Anyhoodle, there is a lot of energy out there in blogland today! Also, I did one and a half loads of laundry. I will have to kick ass on the kitchen before hubster comes home.

Before all this excitement, I had the second session with a trainer at the gym. Let's protect her privacy by calling her Tom Riddle. Tom expected me to do twice a many reps as I did 2 days ago with the same amount of weight. Tom showed me some "fun" new machines and exercise. Tom is the heart of all that is evil and she must be destroyed. As soon as I can raise my arms again. I'll be seeing her on Friday for our 3rd and final meeting. I'll need to bring my unicorn-hair wand.

Before that, I did about 15 minutes cardio, and did a little more afterwards to get the blood flowing or some such nonsense.

Tonight we'll be dining at Buffalo Wild Wings which may be a challenge. I need to check out their menu before we go. It's a school fundraiser and will be fun to visit friends. Later, we'll watch Survivor as a family. I will snack on water. Yum, water!  It's been a while since I've blogged about water.

Oh yeah, and the eliptical? It was my bitch for 13 minutes today.


  1. Anyhoodle...love it!! woo hooo on doing laundry!! We are in the same boat...!! :)

  2. Lmfao, I'm really glad that you called your trainer Tom Riddle. I laughed out loud!

  3. Gurl, you crack me up! I'm super proud that you made the elliptical your bitch. Did it cry Uncle? ;)

  4. Ok, water almost came out of my nose. First Anyhoodle, then Tom Riddle, and ending perfectly with calling the eliptical your bitch.

  5. Nope, it didn't cry uncle (yet) but I was just glad it didn't say "resume workout" while I was still working out! That crap ticks me off! RUDE! It was only my bitch for 10 minutes, but maybe I'll get to 15 tomorrow?

    TFM - I think I stole Anyhoodle from somebody else. There are lots of funnier bloggers and I tend to pick up their lingo unintentionally sometimes. I hope they understand that it is the highest form of flattery!

  6. Sounds like you had a good workout! Doesn't that feel good? I always feel so strong both emotionally and physically when doing strength training.


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