13 November 2010

Well that was no walk in the park!

It was a walk TO the park, at the park, and back home. Over 2.8 miles of walking as a family. Probably the most enjoyable time I've had without pie in a long time.

Now we're settling in with the Harry Potter movies on ABC Family and bedding down for the night.

Lunch was roast stuffed baking hen from the solar oven, and no need for supper because it took until 3 pm for the chicken to be ready. Darn clouds! At least I can honestly say that I ate when I was hungry!  And I've had 4 servings of fruit today too. Maybe I'll be ok now. One day at a time, right?


  1. Yes! One day at a time! Harry Potter rocks. Can't wait for the movie next week. Have a great weekend.


  2. A good time sans the pie!

  3. Solar Oven! Interesting. Never seen one before.
    I know that I need to relax, but I've come to figure out that this is kind of my process. I need to freak out for 5-10 minutes when something bad happens and once I've let it out, I am rational and I can think clearly. If something requires no freaking out, I can do it. It just takes a bit more energy.

  4. Your off to a great start!! I know you'll have a great day tomorrow too :)

  5. Love the family time! My son won't even finish 5 minutes of Zumba with me. And I loved the HP marathon!

  6. You took a family walk and you are still weighing in daily, so...two pats on the back for you for that! Nothing is always 100 % bad or 100 % good -- often we're a big mix of both, but only focus on the negative. You deserve the positive, LP!

  7. Yup...one day at a time...


  8. Sounds like a great day. We just finished with our Indian Summer here in Northern Indiana and today it really began feeling like winter. Walks outside are pretty limited from here on out until Springtime. Hope the rest of the weekend went well.


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