14 November 2010


I haven't decided what I'm going to eat yet, but here it is 8 pm, lunch was at 1.  I have been waiting to become hungry - something I've been neglecting to do lately. Hunger feels good. I'm alive and it's time to take in some nourishment. A little whole grain with some Nutella sounds  pretty good, or maybe some chicken noodle soup. Simple, warm, nutritious.

Slipping back into old ways and eating for reasons other than hunger was not getting me to my goal. Tomorrow I'll be checking in with my doctor, discussing supplements, and getting a kick in the tush to get moving some more.

Wonderful day today - family time was precious as we gathered around the coffee table in the family room, fireplace blazin' and played Settlers of Catan. I lost badly, wanted a rematch, and was politely ignored. Lots of smiling going on :-)

I started reading The Shack last night and have been sucked right in. Nobody told me that there was a tragedy involved and a lost child or I wouldn't have picked it up. Now I have to follow it through and see how it could possibly end up okay. I still fully expect to roll my eyes, but so many people have read it that it's become one of those cultural discussion points that I don't want to be left out of . Look Mandy, I ended a sentence with TWO prepositions!


  1. Dang it - preposition?
    I thought you said "proposition!"

  2. Where is the loop that I have been out of?

  3. My inconsistency lately has allot to do with not being sure I need to eat because I am hungry vs. eating beacuse of any other reason. My fave preposition is 'athwart', e.g, WTH, tired of my weight moving athwart the scales dial

  4. You like "the Shack"? I have it and haven't started it yet. My daughter had to read it for school in high school and said it was excellent. My therapist also recommended it. Now you mention it. Maybe I'll start.

    UGH yet ANOTHER book to read. I'm not a fast reader. I don't know why. I need to be..I ahve too many books to read!

  5. I'll be interested to hear what kinds of supplements your doctor recommends--do share!

    Bariatric Babe

  6. Patrick - it's not nice of you to choose favorites. What about the feelings of the other prepositions? You need to be more considerate!

    Julie - I am somewhat of a slow reader myself, but have really been sucked into this one. I'm already over a hundred pages in. As a Uni-tarian, the trinity stuff is a little harder for me to slog through, but some good messages so far that can be for anybody and that's what I'm lovin'.

  7. My therapist isn't really any "religion" but calls herself 'spiritual' and she was telling me that this book helped her have a better understanding in a different way of father/son/holy spirit.


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