10 November 2010

Kick starting this whole exercise thing

I've been doing some light exercise, but having a real hard time putting in the sweat I need to to maintain the pace of weightloss I experienced over the summer. I miss swimming!

Tomorrow is the day that I promised my friend I'd finally go to Zumba with her and now she's talked me into "body sculpting" beforehand. It's at one of those lady fitness gyms . . . I've never been to one. I doubt I'll like it or be tempted to join up. At least that's what I'm telling myself.  Although, a weight room without big dumb jock dudes expecting me to be a moron might be refreshing.

When I used to go to the Y that happened to be on the campus of the local medical college, those guys were EVERYWHERE. My workout partner kept telling me they wanted my body and were flirting with me, but I know better. They wanted to distract me with their sweaty muscles so that I would kill myself and they could use me as a cadaver. Oh yeah - they wanted my body all right. Honestly, though, I think tp them fat = stupid. Oh well, those days are over - no more Y membership, no more University neighborhood. On to the sweaty middle aged women doing Latin Dance!  I fully intend to make a fool out of myself and have a lot of laughs, if nothing else.

If you don't see me tomorrow, assume "death by Zumba."


  1. I definitely need to hear about Zumba. I haven't taken it and have no one to take it with and will NOT go by myself. Please spill it when you get a chance!

  2. death by zumba :)

    Im here **refreshing** to see if you succumbed!

  3. MOther Nature intervened! no - nothing hormonal! School had a 2 hour delay due to fog so we couldn't go. We'll meet up at Tropical Smoothie for a healthy lunch later, though.

  4. You will LOVE zumba!! I went to the classes during the summer, but just haven't had time since school started. I have the DVD set now and just started back this week. It's a great workout!

  5. Lots of blogger folks are doing zumba. I bet you will LOVE it!!! Good for you stepping up the exercise with some fun moves like zumba. Knock 'em dead, Lanie!


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