01 November 2010

I hereby institute *drumroll please* MEATLESS MONDAY!

Ta Da! I'll be having no meats today, even though I picked up some nice yummy chicken at the meat market today. I had a fish filet for lunch because I was really feelin the need for some Omega 3's. Some people count that as meat, some don't. In the future, I'm leaning towards "don't" because it will make the it oh so much more fun/challenging!

While I was out I bought fruit fruit fruit!!  What kind, you ask?

Nearly ripe bananas
Green bananas
Frozen berries mix
Comice pears
What?! No grapes?!?!?  I didn't see any at the store. bah!

Now the hard part is deciding what to have first. I'm pretty hungry so I was actually considering a smoothie, but maybe I'll do a kiwi instead, see how that holds me over until Kiddo gets home from school. Then we can split a yogurt smoothie or even a mango since both will be new adventures for each of us.

So far today I have walked 1.8 miles on Walk It Out. Not enough to suit me!  Now I'm going to move laundry, have a fruity snack, and drink a bunch of water. Then I'll exercise some more until the bus comes by and drops off my precious cargo.


  1. I don't know who the hell I thought I was kidding - the first pear is gone. I've now totalled 2.5 miles for the day which is pretty good for me. Bus will be here in a bout 20 minutes, laundry is going, and I got time to READ!

  2. Hey Lanie, Meatless Mondays sound good. We try to have meatless days too. My b/f used to moan endlessly about it, but now he's gotten used to. Nothing better than a hot yam with kosher salt and warm beans on a cold night! Hope you and your precious cargo enjoy the smoothies!

  3. Yay Meatless Mondays! That's actually a really good way to see how it feels to be a vegetarian. Unfortunately, I went cold turkey (so to speak) and it didn't work and I am no longer a vegetarian.


  4. Remember the protein. Beans, peas, lentils, dairy products. Even greens and veggies have SOME protein in them. Protein = muscles! Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  5. we always do Meatless Monday too.

    it makes me GIT KITCHEN CREATIVE which I tend not to be...


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